workspace confessions



the original workaholics. in my mind anyway. except there is no Fergueson. Fergs is from Office Space, but this time the boss.




in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.


& you probably don’t, because you’ve never heard of workspace confessions. a web series I wrote revolving around a second shift office crew. its balls bananas. alcoholic secretary, that dude as a boss, and Peterson. my favorite. he’s always involved in some kind of social revolutionary shenanigans. Then there’s John, who’s just going to be named John. I think his character name was Matt before, but its based loosely off John who would have played him.


granted if we didn’t all get fired from our day job, at a film office – because we were producing that… while we worked there. …making fun of everyone & everything about there… while we were there….


okay. we get it!


I would be disappointed if I thought that it was an actual career mistake. But right now actually, is when I feel my career is starting. And I’m glad I’m doing it this way, all by myself. I’m not waiting on a big break, I’m working hard. I’m working tirelessly friends, and here’s my Bradshaw cliche moment workspace confession – I’m exhausted & sometimes lonely.


Sadly it helps, I’m getting a lot of work done on Catherine in The Anomie – a feature. which by the way HAS ANYONE SEEN UNDER THE SKIN. By Jonathan Glazer. just go and see it, and reassess what you think filmmaking is all about.


while I’m on the shout out wagon. I’ve rediscovered south park. luhv yew guise; Cartman voice


The 0.00001% chance I get to see Big again is back on the table. after I’ve been fine, mind you. totally. fine. and you know what I think? quite honestly, I’m still fine. he doesn’t drive me so mad anymore. There’s isn’t anything that’s drawing me to him. He isn’t being charming and its not how he used to be. The last thing we spoke about was the weather. if that’s not bro talk I don’t know what is.


its been like a month or more of silence dude.


I don’t want to talk about the fucking weather.


I want you to talk about how you’re sorry I didn’t come to see you back in April. and to talk about what you’re doing in the summer.


I can assure you ladies & gentlemen. I’ll be filming all summer – inshallah, I’ll be filming this summer. although my crazy ass would still love to see colorado. that 0.00001% I realize is also half my doing. If I don’t want to see him. I don’t have to see him. but that 0.00001% does.


even though in real life I have a different obsession with another unattainable. that one’s still too juicy to blog about right now. probably because in conversation I refer to him my as “my boyfriend” but boyfriend is probably the last thing either of us would want.


if you’re catching my drift.


love? oh baby. I don’t know, but I want it. somewhere in my heart I really do want it. Because I feel lonely. I’m a single girl working my butt off and I get lonely. Plus, I’d love a back massage now & then [; but real companionship. I want a solid dude, so until I find one I’m just gonna have to keep writing – because that shit really takes the edge off.


so what are we now celibacy in the suburbs?



keep it trashy my friends






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